SINCE 1927


Our Strategy

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer the Wabash Valley's largest selection of valued priced furniture and bedding.  We don't offer low grade furniture that has been repaired or refurbished and we don't carry high end product lines either.  As examples, we offer recliners from $249.00 on up, sofas from $349.00 on up, chest of drawers from $149.00 on up, bunk beds from $179.00 on up, daybeds from $279.00 on up, and queen mattress sets from $249.00 on up.  These are just a few of the many examples that you will find in our 20,000 square foot show room!  We offer many furniture and bedding categories in several styles and price ranges to choose from.

Brief Company History

Our store was founded in 1927 by Moses Nasser Sr.  We have been in business for 87 years!  In 1955 Moses Nasser expanded our store while still working with his father.  He and his wife Susan are the current owners of our company. 

Moses Nasser III and Chris Nasser have been running our business since graduating from Indiana State University in the mid 1990's.


We are located at the Plaza North Shopping Center for a reason.  This location allows us to offer our product lines with low overhead and low prices!  Our low overhead location can save you money!  Moses Nasser has been working in our store for over 58 years so you are assured to receive good personal service and attention.  We also offer a 100% service policy on almost everything that we sell.  This means that you get more than just a standard manufacturer's parts warranty.  We will pay most labor fees involved with fixing your furniture for the first year.